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Client love

Samantha has been a game-changer for my business. I knew right from our first meeting that she was going to be more than just someone who could manage social media or write content or whatever else I needed from her. Yes, she would be able to do all of those things (in spades), but she was also going to be a strategic team player that could bring new, interesting ideas to the table. And I was absolutely bang on!


Sam is my absolute right-hand in my business. She takes on a variety of tasks in her role, from social media management, content creation, financial management, customer service, project management, and more. But more than that, she has become an integral part of my business. We plan and execute on the business's quarterly goals together. She brings new ideas and it's refreshing to have her perspective. 


Since hiring Sam, we have launched a brand new online membership community, grown our revenue by over 30%, and haven't had a missed failed payment from a customer in months! And that doesn't even speak to the time saved for me. I have been able to remove myself from many of the day-to-day tasks I was doing so that I can have a more creative and oversight role in my business, which has allowed us to grow at a much faster rate.


I can't recommend Sam enough. She's smart, creative, direct, and a pleasure to work with!

Gemma Bonham-Carter, Founder and CEO of The Passive Project, Launch Your Shop, and The Sweetest Digs

More testimonials

Roberto Pelaccia, Owner

Sam is my right hand woman when it comes to all of my marketing. She puts action to all of my ideas, and her expertise makes sure it is on point. At this point, I don't know what I would do with out her. If you are looking for your right hand man for your marketing and branding- call Sam.

Kelvin Shaw, Consultant

Samantha has proved to be crucial to the team, and contributed significantly to the development of the company goals. She is a driven "cutting edge" thinker that always has a positive attitude. Samantha always works far beyond the call of duty. That's why I recommend her!!!

Bob Burnham, Owner

Samantha is definitely at the top of her game. Sam Is always on time and her good customer service mindset is second to none. I can also say she catches on to any of the assignments we give her quickly and is a self starter. I absolutely give Sam our highest recommendation.